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Minekura Kazuya 30 Day Challenge

Day 3: Your favourite male character.

Oh God…this one was an absolute toughie. I love all the men from the Sanzo Ikkou but I guess I have to choose one, huh? 

image“A past may chase you if you try to escape from it… but once you confront it, it’s just an old memory inside you. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” ~Kazuya Minekura

Although Gojyo is a womanizer, there was something rather endearing and sweet about his character. On the outside, he tries to project this bad boy, ladies-man, playboy attitude —however, we all know that is a ploy to keep others from seeing how vulnerable he is. He is rather insecure, especially when it concerns his “taboo” heritage. His red eyes and hair were a constant reminder to his mother and himself that he has a tainted existence, a merger between two worlds that never should have been. The constant abuse he received from his stepmother is visible not only on the scars on his cheek, but in his heart and mind. I feel that the main reason why he sleeps around so much is to receive some of the warmth and maternal affection he never received from his stepmother —to fill the void within his heart. I think he also does it to be validated by someone else —for someone to let him know that he is not only loved but to give his existence some sense of purpose. 

Deep down, Gojyo hates himself and feels himself unworthy, unwanted, and unloved. His cockiness, attitude, and mischievous grin greatly shelter the chaos and sadness within. The only person to see past this persona was Hakkai, whom shares many things in common with our kappa and his closest and only confidant. 

But what touches me the most is how kind and caring he is towards women and children. I think his soft spot was created as a result of his troubled childhood. Since his stepmother hated his very presence and he was abandoned by his real parents, he wanted to show them the affection and kindness he was never shown. Although the Sanzo Ikkou are rife with interesting and colorful men, Gojyo stood out to me the most. That and he seems to be the most underrated in the group due to his playboy nature and his dashing good looks. ;) 

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