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The Surreal Landscapes and Labyrinths of Raffaello Ossola

Artist onTumblr

vibrant dramatism and invented landscapes create an exciting space for the viewer to explore and ponder. Each one offers an opportunity to imagine yourself in his universe, wandering through mazes or floating around trees. Although Ossola takes liberties with his compositions, ultimately they retain the verticality/gravity that we are familiar with. Where he leaves the laws of our world more readily are in his pools. They seem to be reflecting a cloud, moon, or other objects in the sky, but the eye reads it more as if the elements mentioned are situated in an environment within the water. The surface of the water appears more like a penetrable glass casing than a body unto itself. It’s mesmerizing to see.
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Steven Universe has grown on my heart so affectionately, so here’s a little fragment of my love

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Sweater weather they say. No I say glasses and sweater weather. Totally different thing lol but omg Lion looks so cute.

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