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RWBY Vol 2 

Emerald Sustrai the Thief



Modern teenage Kainora leaning against the air because I’m so legit get on my level

Adorable and exquisite!

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Top image: The eagle that represents Haru, his future, and his freedom, seen throughout the series.

Bottom image: Doves that appear after Haru and Rin swim at the aquatic center in episode 12, season 2.

The difference between both images is striking.

In the top image, you see a lone eagle flying high on warm air currents. It’s free, but solitary.

In the bottom image, you see a pair of doves flying into the sunset. Doves are believed to mate for life, and they’re often used in symbolism to represent love, faithfulness, and devotion, as well as never being separated from the one you love. 

They are used to set off the contrast between Haru before and Haru after, when Haru tells Rin that he found it — his dream — and it’s clearly with Rin in Australia, or wherever else the path takes them. Rin needs Haru to show him the way, but likewise, Haru needs Rin. Their fates, their paths, are intertwined and inseparable, and without one the other would be lost. They are meant to be by each other’s sides.

Doves aren’t a subtle symbol of this. They’re a glaringly obvious metaphor that’s hard to ignore. 

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The boys hanging out but everyone sees them dating so…

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"What’s the purpose of your visit?"

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Free! -Eternal Summer- rubber pins collection

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11 ways to solve rape better than nail polish

The more we depend on women to prevent rape, the easier it is to blame them when it happens to them. Here’s a look at the well-documented ways we can actually stop rape. Maybe it’s time we invest a little more time and resources into implementing them before we send gallons of nail polish to colleges across the country.

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